Simplifying Complexity is a course I have developed with Dr. Tim Bonebrake from the Environmental Science program. This course exposes students to the failures of reductionism and introduces some of the tools, methods and applications of complexity science. 

Below you may find links to to my lecture notes I have developed for this course. 

Tutorial activity about network structure

It was really really awesome. Mind blowing eye opening and made me sit there in awe. I learnt so much about different aspects of complexity and fractals and evolution and scaling and cellular automata. Basically this course taught me a lot that I would not ever have a chance to learn about if I had not reg this course. What’s more, there’s no exam, which means we don’t have the burden to cram all the things we learnt at the end of the semester. The coursework really aimed to see whether we really understood what was learnt or not. Everything was obviously thought through.
— Student Feedback