Time's Arrow has been developed primarily by Dr. LI Yiliang in Earth Sciences with support from myself and Dr. William Cheung.  This course deals with the nature, measurement and perceptions of time as well as the discovery and importance of "deep time". 

I currently play a support role in this course, facilitating and developing creative assessments. 

These videos are meant to be a game.  In each video one side of the frame is moving forwards in time and one is moving backwards.  Can you tell which is which? 
There are two types of videos.  In the first type, the two sides show the same footage, one side playing in reverse.  In the second type, the action in one frame is being done in a time-reversed manner so that the two sides look similar. 

The course is strongly inspiring and shows the students to understand the concept of time
from different perspectives.
— Student Feedback