Why the theories of Einstein, climate change or evolution can never be proved right. In this piece I discus how the relationship between truth and science is often overstated in the media and remind readers that science is not a religion. 

If we confuse the meaning of scientific discovery and begin to think that general relativity has been proven true, we not only lose the beauty of that open-mindedness but we create a new cult of science whose members subscribe out of belief instead of scepticism.

In December of 2015, I sat down with RTHK's 'The Big Idea' for this discusson on the biggest idea of all, the cosmos.

What Is The Purpose of a University Education? HKU's Prof. Sun Kwok discusses the university's mission to "broaden students’ minds and horizons, allowing then to discern connections and analyse problems successfully, thus empowering them to change the world".

The common core requirement introduced by the university in 2010 also furthers these new educational objectives. Many of the courses are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.... Dr Tim Wotherspoon created a course called “Simplifying Complexity” to illustrate that order exists in the most complex phenomena, including social networks and ecology.
— Prof. Sun Kwok

Each year, I participate in the Junior Science Institute program the Faculty of Science offers.  I created this video for help in my workshop Magnetism and Motion.